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Book launch 1 May 2022 at Framer Framed.

Please join us for the final celebration of our research project Depend on Me. Thanks to our partner Framer Framed for hosting the event!

Come look at, pick up or buy our beautiful publication, designed by Lotte Lara Schröder. Edited by Maite Vanhellemont and Marieke Zwart and made possible by 100 donations via Voordekunst.
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We had our final presentation in March 2022 at puntWG Amsterdam.

In spring 2021 I started a collaborative research project DEPEND ON ME that facilitates artistic collaborations between five professional artists and five amateur artists in Amsterdam. DEPEND ON ME has become an experimental project that questions dependencies, authenticity and authorship in an engaged art context.

With our research group we set up a new program with workshops, presentations, studio visits and excursions in Amsterdam. Main question: How can we collaborate as amateur and professional artist, being mutually dependant and inspired by each other. We presented 5 new artworks made in collaboration and published our experiences and research material in a publication.

Collaborating with: Framer Framed, I-PSY, Esther Vossen (Beeldend Gesproken, Het Vijfde Seizoen), Amateur filmclub De Ronde Venen and puntWG.


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Marieke Zwart -
Tijmen Schlundt Bodien
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'Depend on Me' is a research program, initiated by visual artist Marieke Zwart, that facilitates artistic collaborations between professional and non-professional artists, funded by AFK. Over the course of 7 months, 10 artists from professional, semi-professional and amateur art-practices will create a new work and research how to collaborate horizontally and interdependently as artists from different contexts and generations. Next to the creation of new art works, our research consists of a trajectory with workshops, talks, feedback sessions and presentations, both public and among the research members. For every workshop we make new relations in the city with other artists groups, professional art institutes and amateur art associations.

Within the art world, there seems to be a strict dividing line drawn between the professional artist and the amateur artist. The professional artist has received a qualified education, ideally supplemented with a work period at a post-academy and annually has several international exhibitions. The amateur artist is more quickly associated with a dusty knitting club and the local carnival group. Interestingly though, social involvement is sought in the contemporary professional art world more and more: community art, social design and ‘artivism’, are very popular, but the value of local collaborators, artistic individuals from the community and other non professional contributors to the professional artistic practice are rarely mentioned as co-authors or artistic collaborators. Our research program explores how engaged collaborative practices can be built, creating interdependence, co-authorship, inspiring exchanges and a future perspective on collaborative art practices.

The artistic result of the research program and collaboration processes are twofold. On the one hand, the results from the collaborative research program are documented in an online archive and a publication aiming to inspire and serve future collaborations. In addition, a closing presentation will be made at the end of the research period in which our collaborative research will be presented and activated by a series of workshops and a collection of artworks that stem from 1 on 1 collaborations of our group.